DFHC 9/2/2011

Ask Cool Daddy,  Alias Smith & Yokum

Dear Cool Daddy:  Do you by any chance remember a comic strip called “The Smith Family”? I always got a kick out of it, but don’t see it around any more. …from Jonesy in Jonesboro

Dear Jonesy:  ‘deed i do, and so did I, and so don’t I…but back in the day, I did manage to save a couple of strips. The top one is deteriorating because I used to carry it around in my wallet…(no comments, please…)

It was based on the real adventures of artist George Smith, written by his wife Virginia, about life with their 11 kids…10 girls and a boy!

The stars were 2 of the youngest, Georgie and Carol, seen below with their parents…note their mom’s old hairdo…

…compared to her later cut-and-dye-job…

The strip ran from 1951 and until 1994…it started in the Boston Globe, which is why many New Englanders will have particularly warm memories of it. A quick spin of the net didn’t turn up very much, altho Pop Smith was still alive in 2007 at age 87…

Dear Cool Daddy: So where was Li’l Abner’s home of Dogpatch located anyway? …from Frosty McPapa, no fixed address

Dear Frosty: Well…I mean, waaall,  it’s sort of amazin’ an’ confoozin’. According to Uncle Wiki (and based on other information they have about the strip, their stuff seems to be written by somebody who knows what they’re talking about), it’s exact location was never part of the continuing story-line, which means it would occasionally be one place, then another, at Al Capp’s whim. One of the earliest strips from 1934 does say it’s in Kentucky. Later, during the Shmoo story-line, it appears to be around Tennessee or Arkansas.

In Capp’s own words, Dogpatch was “an average stone-age community nestled in a bleak valley, between two cheap and uninteresting hills somewhere.” Those would be, if memory serves, Teeterin’ Rock and Onneccessary Mountain. He once joked that it was based on Seabrook, New Hampshire (he was a New Englander.) But I’ve always had my own theory.

And that was ever since this panel appeared…pet pig Salomey is a Hammus Alabammus…and as I don’t reckon she’s ventured very far in her porcine existence, that puts ’em in smack dab in Alabama, right? As Winston Churchill said: “I like pigs. Dogs look up to us, cats look down on us, pigs consider us equals.”

shameless plugs, as any fool can see…I see!…

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