DFHC 9/9/2011


Dear Friends: Just for the heck of it, thought I’d revert to an older format…and 10 things of interest from Popular Science Monthly, May 1965…

item 1
>>>  This would have come in handy for me, boy…I spent years trying to get the hang of the crawl stroke, but it never came together. In fact, at the Y they made up a new level just for me: Advanced Non-Swimmer. The trouble here, as with all “New & Improved” products, is you wonder what was wrong with the old version. And in this case, what?…they’re hoping for fewer drownings? 😉 😉 Plus, if it really is invisible, you’ve got the problem of knowing where it is so you can use it in the first place, nez pah?

item 2 >>>  Gotta love them stripes! You don’t? OK, fine…more for me then…

item 3 >>>  You’re staring at that baby elephant-shaped hole in the floor and thinking: Where were you when I needed you?

item 4 >>>  Maybe it’s just me, but these 2 from “I Wish They Would Invent” seem goofier than most…notice how absolutely none of the bright ideas sent in by readers ever actually got invented? Sometimes I think that was the sneaky fun of it, and PSM was in on the gag.  Anywho…the extra trunk at left seems sensible enough, granted you’ve got no rear vision…but don’t you have to detach it to get to the real trunk? Could be more trouble than it’s worth. And at the right…well, patriotic enough to be sure, but on a completely still day, wouldn’t this look just a tad odd?

item 5 >>> This was not strictly speaking an automotive magazine, but by the ads and the articles, you could have fooled me. Here’s a Chevrolet NSUV…that’s Non Sport Utility Vehicle….because it’s a truck-based station wagon, and station wagons aren’t SUVs. But here’s also proof for all of you who scoff at the idea that the Bowtie didn’t always market it as a Suburban.

item 6 >>>  Here’s one you may have missed…unless your family drove one over a cliff somewhere out west. It’s based on the their work-horse delivery van…and I have to think the cooler Sportvan verison (brochure at right) sold much better. But then I’m no RV expert…like Woody Allen said, I’m at two with nature.

item 7 >>>  But this 14-year-old got all hot and bothered at the sight of snazzy sports cars like this ‘un. You too, perhaps?

item 8 >>>  And not for nothing, but are you sure this isn’t a Pontiac?

item 9 >>>  In a slightly different vein, here’s a bright idea that did see the light of day, at least for a while in 1965…

item 10 >>> Finally a who dat quiz…answer tomorrow. Dude in the sombrero was PSM‘s car guy, and I’ll give you a clue: it wasn’t Wilbur Shaw…he was over at Popular Mechanics. 

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