DFHC 9/10/2011


Dear Friends: Y’know what? I had so much fun yesterday, I’m-a gonna do it again…this time Ebony, June 1960…

item 1 >>>  Unlike what you might have assumed, not all ads featured black people…most did, but there were always a handful that had white people, the same ads you’d see in Life or Look.  And actually, thats true to this day, even tho there’s no Life or Look anymore…

item 2
>>>  Like the one below, for example…altho I was drawn to this picture of the Dodge Dart, their ill-fated attempt to invade the “Low-Priced-Three” territory of Chevrolet/Ford/Plymouth, for a more nostalgic reason. I had at the time a beautifully detailed scale model 1960 Dart, copper colored with a black roof, that my dad got at a dealership. That baby would be worth a ton of cabbage today, I can tell you…unfortunately, a few years later I tore it apart, cannibalizing pieces for my other model kits…I thought the roof would look cool on a 1964 Thunderbird, but I didn’t yet know the measure-twice/cut-once rule, and the width was off. C’est la vie.

item 3
>>>  Notice the new flavor Hula Punch, a take-off on Hawaiian Punch…but there were a million of those…like the time Beaver Cleaver come back from a birthday party and said they had Honolulu Punch.

item 4
>>>  Remember ads like this…people wanting to gain weight? In fact, I was extremely thin in my teens and twenties, but gosh, you can only drink so much Carnation Instant Breakfast, right? Little did I know nature would take care of that problem in her own time.

item 5
>>>  Black beatniks? I dunno, all I can say is, like, wow, straight from infinity…

item 6
>>>  In 1960 Hank Aaron was just coming into his own,  approaching the status of a Willie Mays,  Mickey Mantle, or Duke Snider.  But he certainly did OK with the endorsements.

item 7
>>>  For a funny story about Hank’s Alaga Syrup from Bill Cosby, check here…the sound quality isn’t the best, but if you can’t make something out, listen again…it really is funny.

item 8
>>>  Speaking of baseball, every year in the June issue, they would have a picture of every black player in the Majors. Well, they cast a broad net, including every Hispanic regardless of race…even Samoan Tony Solaita got in. This continued until 1978, so if you’re looking for the photo of some obscure ballplayer who never made it onto a baseball card, he might be here…

But it’s like I always say…a mistake in print is a joy forever…400 hits for the Hammer last year? Criminy…

item 9 >>>  Oh, and here’s Ernie Banks. BTW, not all unborn calf leather has that mottled look, but some does (at 4 o’clock.) It’s still around, still the softest and rarest leather going, called “Slink” in the industry. No, they don’t kill the cow just to get the calf…cows are killed anyway, and if they happen to be pregnant…But anyway…how about those snazzy 2-toned slant tip galoshes…is that the kind beatniks wear?

item 10
>>> Finally, this is for my pal the accountant…he likes lots of buttons…as do I for that matter. Remington rocks!


Popular Science Monthly’s go-to guy for cars was mechanic and NASCAR crew-chief Henry “Smokey” Yunick, form Neshaminy, PA, who died in 2001 of leukemia at age 78.

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