DFHC 9/15/2011

Ask Brother Cool Daddy

Dear Cool Daddy: Deacon Jones was arguably the greatest defensive player in NFL history…but didn’t he play pro baseball too? …from Biff in Battle Creek
Dear Biff: Well, it’s a funny thing about nicknames…usually, someone else gives you one, and like it or not, you’re stuck with it. There are some rare individuals, thru sheer force of personality I suppose, who are able to “name their own.” And such was David Jones…the story goes, he thought his given name was unmemorable, so he came up with “Deacon,”  pounded everybody into submission…and on to the NFL Hall of Fame he went. Did you know he coined the term “sack”? No brag, just fact.

And while he played baseball in high school, he didn’t beyond that, altho I can understand why you might think so. Because at the same time, there was a pro ballplayer named Deacon Jones…that was Grover William Jones, a first baseman who played in 40 games for the White Sox in 1962-63 and 1966…batting .289 with 1 HR and 10 RBIs. He went on to a long career as a scout, coach, and minor league manager. But despite David Jones having supposedly “come up with” the name, it goes back much further…there was a pitcher for the Tigers from 1916-18 named Carroll Elmer “Deacon” Jones. And here’s an except from a book of black folklore…
Dear Cool Daddy: So the simplest flag in the world to draw…the all-green Libyan flag…bites the dust…and teachers are saying “We’re gonna need more crayons!” But how did they come up with the new flag?  …from Froggy in Buenos Aires

Dear Froggy: It’s actually a return to an older one. Normally, I’d do it, but Uncle Wiki went and done such a good job, why reinvent the wheel, sez me. The colors represent the 3 provinces…Cyrenaique (black)…Fezzan (red)…and Tripolitania (green.) BTW, here are a couple of other interesting flags. You know, the word swastika is Sanskrit, and the symbol is still revered in the Far East. In fact, the Jain religion, dating back to the 9th century, and with 4 million adherents in Indian, uses it unabashedly in its current flag….their reasoning being: we had it first…

And I have always been fascinated by the Stars and Stripes, and the many variations thereof. Did you know it flaunted a basic rule of heraldry? In designing coats of arms and banners, the 2 colors white and yellow had a special designation: they were called “metals”, silver and gold respectively. And the rule was: color must not touch metal. Which is why all the red stripes on the British Union Jack have a white “border.”  But where our red stripes touch the blue canton, we Americans went our own way.  Anyhow, I always got a kick out of the US Power Squadron flag…which took the Coast Guard Ensign and the US Yacht Ensign and…well, if you don’t like it, take a train…


Follow-up from yesterday…what is it they say: a button puts on 30 pounds…unless of course you beat the button to itright, Chub, you nut?…  

shameless plugs…or a chest to pin ’em on…

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