DFHC 9/17/2011

 Ask Hairy Daddy

Dear Friends: Got an of update from yesterday. Somewhere I have the Sunday strip where Dick Tracy’s comrades at the precinct house hold him down and forcibly shave off his mustache, but with my filing system…no soap! I did find a couple of images of what it looked like…well, not a handle-bar anyway…

And I don’t know if there’s a biography out there to confirm this, but I think it’s a good bet to say that during the 1960s, Chester Gould was having a nervous breakdown…in public, no less. I actually remember seeing this Sunday strip way back in 1962…one of the most disturbing things ever to appear in the “funny pages,” IMHO. 

But on the lighter side…Then Came the Moon People. Most DT fans today would rather forget this crazy interlude, which lasted from 1964 until the actual Moon landing in 1969, when Gould’s meds apparently kicked in and he returned to “down-to-earth” adventures.

Still, I remember back when it was happening, I thought it was pretty cool…yes, Moon Maid was hot, I’m not ashamed to admit it. And do you know, to this day they still check newborns with paper-clips…seriously…

»»»»»»   COMING MONDAY…don’t miss the even hairier Update Part 2!!!



 Here are 4 “Crimestoppers” from the mid-60s, the Moon Maid period…does it seem like the author of these tips (Gould? Tracy?) is getting a little cranky? And note the 2nd one, re beards…ha ha…

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