DFHC 9/21/2011

Suds It!

For those of you who’ve never heard it before, the term “trade dress” is used in retail and marketing to refer to a product’s packaging and/or labeling…the name, the graphics, the colors, the whole shebang. And as far back as I can remember, it’s been a fascination of mine. Talk about a goofy sidelight to the seminal event in the lives of many Baby Boomers, the assassination of JFK…at the time I was 12 years old, and interested in chewing gum wrappers. In fact, I had my own pretend “gum company,” designing wrappers, and flavors, even sticks of gum. In Kennedy’s honor, I came up with the clumsily named Ameri-Stripe. Now I saved a lot of my “creations” from those days, but none of my gums…still, I think a stick looked something like this…

Point is, at the top of the list for pure graphic pizzazz has to be laundry detergents. Here are some I like…Dash is from 1967, Sail from 1970…

I always thought Sheila McRae was a very striking looking woman…perhaps not “beautiful” in the fashion-model sense, but she certainly always caught my eye…and she’s just one component that makes this ad campaign from 1970 one of my all-time favorites. Altho knowing how these things are put together, one has to wonder if that’s really her finger sticking out there… 😉 😉

But here’s a washday mystery…I have this book that came out in 1988 called “Trademarks of the ’40s and ’50s”…it has this laundry detergent…not from one of the “big boys,” but a small company in Ohio. I never heard of it and the trail on information appears to be long cold. Can’t imagine it was much of a success, but what’s interesting is the odd name: “if”…certainly in keeping with the short punchy style of Tide, All, Biz, Duz, Dreft, Vel, Surf, Cheer, etc. But it seems rather, how can I put this, “tentative”?…as in…if this works for you…or if we’re still in business next week…doesn’t a product have to be more confident of itself than “if”? Plus, compare with the peanut butter…


OK, here’s a current one from China…they got the graphics right, swirling circles and such…but you have to assume “Lishi” sounds right over there…because over here, not so much, huh?

 a shameless washday miracle! new tepid-water PLUG!…

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