DFHC 9/28/2011

Ask Cool Daddy’s Buddy

Dear Cool Daddy:  I noticed this Letter to the Editor in “Truck Trend” magazine…this wouldn’t be your old partner on the radio would it?  …from Willys in Waukesha

Dear Willys:  One and the same, God help us. He’s a crazy letter writer, and as far as I know, he’s had one printed in just about every publication he’s ever subscribed to, except the Wall Street Journal, his holy grail. The ironic thing is, he’s letting his subscription to this one lapse…life is strange, no? He doesn’t like reading about crossovers and Ridgeline pseudo-trucks, apparently.

But to illustrate some of the points he made, here’s the GMC Suburban (top) along with its sister truck the Chevy Cameo Carrier, from the mid-50s…the very first “luxury trucks”…the idea is they had that smooth rear fender, fiberglass I believe, instead of the step-side design.

From 1954, the Plymouth Explorer…

….ya gonna go exploring in a 2-seater? Sure, and with matching luggage…whoo hoo!

Also from the 50s, the Pontiac Pathfinder. And what’s interesting is, Pontiac in the US stopped making a Sedan Delivery model in 1953, but continued with one in Canada thru 1959, since it was really a Chevy, you see?

And finally, re their response…looks like you can actually get a VW Colorado, at least in Europe…go figure.

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