DFHC 9/30/2011

Dear Friends: Found a list of sports notes from a ways back…some interesting trivia question possibilities…answers tomorrow…

(1) Name the city…In 1968 and 1969, then-businessman Bud Selig arranged for the Chicago White Sox to play 9 and 11 “home games” in this city, in an attempt to obtain an expansion franchise. Despite excellent attendance, better than they had in Chicago, it didn’t work out. What city?

(2) Name the Indian…On April 8, 1993, this Tribesman became the first Major Leaguer to hit homer runs from both sides of the plate in the same inning. It’s since been done once more, by the Cubs’ Mark Bellhorn in 2002. But who was the first?

(3) Nephew who?…Despite 12 seasons and over 1200 games in the minors, Orsino Hill
never made it to the Majors. But his nephew, 15 days younger than he was, did, and in a big way. Name Orsino Hill’s nephew.

(4) Nephew two?…And while we’re saying “uncle,” here’s anther one…Dwight Gooden’s nephew was also a star in the Bigs…4 years his junior…name him.

(5) Whose ‘do?…He showed up at the NY Jets training camp in August of 1973 sporting a Mohawk haircut…any idea who?

(6) Busy day at the office…On April 19, 1996, this team beat the Baltimore Orioles 26-7…including 16 runs in the 8th inning. Funny thing is, nobody on this team hit one home run. Four guys each hit a pair of ’em. Name the team.

(7) Air Coach…In January of 1984, they held a news conference in Arizona to launch a bid for an NFL franchise…they had a name, logo, staff, letterhead, even a coach. End result: Didn’t work. Name the ex-NFL star who “coached” the Phoenix Firebirds to a lifetime 0-0 mark.

Wicked Ballsy

Am I the only Baby Boomer male who seems to find something enduringly endearing about the look of the 60’s Girl? Kind of doubt it…these are from 1967…

shameless plugs…made of real Dynel…well, the fake parts anyway…

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