DFHC 10/1/2011

Dear Friends: Answers, we’ve got answers…

(1)  In 1968-69, The White Sox played a total of 20 “home games” at County Stadium in Milwaukee. The expansion teams of course went to Seattle, Kansas City, Montreal and San Diego. But after just one season, the Seattle Pilots were bought by Bud Selig and moved to the Beer City, so it all worked out.

(2)  First to hit home runs from both sides of the plate in the same inning: Cleveland’s Carlos Baerga. 

(3)  Orsino Hill’s nephew is Darryl Strawberry.

(4) Dwight Gooden’s nephew is Gary Sheffield. 

(5)  With all the wild hair-styles today, hard to imagine aMohawk could cause such a commotion in 1973…but it did, and it was John Riggins. 

(6)  April 19, 1996, the Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles 26-7…Juan Gonzalez, Will Clark, Dean Palmer, and Kevin Elster each had 2 homers for Texas, and nobody had just one…

(7)  Real coach of the unreal Phoenix Firebirds…Bart Starr. Thing is, I thought I had a
picture of their proposed helmet and logo, but I’m coming up with a blank…so instead, check out the ones below, from Dreamland USA…

Wicked Ballsy

This guy runs an incredible website on Football Helmets, college and pro…very complete…the address is given above. Here’s his story: He had a dream, yes, a dream…not like mine, that includes Phoebe Cates and a tub of Cool Whip…no, this was a dream about watching gigantic holographic football games 25 years in the future…and this guy says he remembers all the helmets they were wearing! Actually, I tend to believe him, since I too will have dreams about stuff I get heavily involved in. Gosh, in high school I was big into Super Hero comics, and dreamt some crazy creations myself. The number and detail here is rather extensive, but I’m taking the guy at his word…cuz they’re pretty cool. This is part 1 of the Dreamtown USA collection, part 2 tomorrow, OK?

shameless plugs…in the Red Zone, except of course there’s no such thing…ask Nick the Pylon…

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