DFHC 10/4/2011

Ask Cool Daddy’s Santacide

Dear Cool Daddy: I have this vague recollection that sometime in the early 1950s, Santa Claus almost committed suicide…well, he didn’t, obviously. But what’s the story, morning-glory?  …from Otto & Birdie, in North Pole, NY

Dear Otto & Birdie: Yeah, not something the kids need to know about, but you’re right, it was 1947, and it almost happened in this ad for Arrow Shirts….

The text part may be too small to read, but it just explains that the pile of letters marked “A” is for Arrow shirts, and he can’t keep up with the demand, so he’s gonna end it all. Funny he puts his finger in his ear…don’t think you hear what hit you, at that range, anyway 😉 😉 But isn’t it amazing that they thought this was a perfectly appropriate advertising theme? And shirts aren’t a particularly “edgy” product, are they…altho what was back then, right?

But it just goes to show you…you can look at old magazines, watch old movies, listen to old music…but you really can’t know how people felt about things in the past unless you lived thru it too…or spend a lot of time studying and analyzing this stuff…like a historian would. But then, this next one, I’m thinking it would have seemed wrong no matter when it came out…

Yeah, today we’re taking care of the stranger side of Christmas, well in advance of this year’s real thing. No drugs in the 1950s? Tell that to Robert Mitchum and Candy Barr, both busted for pot…and whoever drew this doozie…a monster Santa rampaging across the countryside…definitely a candidate for the “What Were They Thinking” Hall of Fame…dance, puppets, dance! hahahahaha!….

shameless plugs, smothered in tinsel…

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