DFHC 10/6/2011

Pin It On Ask Cool Daddy

Dear Cool Daddy: Am I the only person on earth who remembers George Clooney on the Roseanne Barr show?  …from Maisey in Methuen, MA

Dear Maisey: No, you’re not. I am the other one. It was 1989, and he played Booker, their boss at the plastics factory. It was his first substantial semi-regular role, after small parts on The Facts of Life and The Golden Girls. And of course, a few years later came the breakthru on E/R. Here we see, top left, GC in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes…top right, from Facts, and the 2 bottom are from Roseanne as Booker, fresh from filming a series of hair restoration commercials.

But it’s interesting you should ask about it, as he recently appeared on the cover of Parade magazine hawking his latest film…and I saw something in this photo that I wonder if anyone else saw.

Some of these political buttons could very well be authentic originals, but I’m guessing a handful are reproductions. That’s because I bought a set in the 1960s…well, based on who was on the pins, after ’64 and before ’68…and I recognized them. Certainly, it could all be a wild coincidence, but with the thousands styles of buttons that have come down the pike, hard to imagine they just happened to pick these as originals…

This was actually quite a set…I have 37 buttons…odd number, did I lose one along the way?…and here are a few more. They were offered for like maybe $1 from Salada Tea, or someone like that…

Wicked Ballsy

While we’re on the subject, can you name this high school stud-erino?

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