DFHC 10/7/2011

RIP….JOB(s) well done

>>>>>  I’ve lived around computers all my life. As I mentioned yesterday, very early on my Dad was coding FORTRAN programs on punch-cards at work. In 1968, I was at “summer school” time-sharing with a mainframe located at Dartmouth College…we communicated via a teletype, and stored BASIC programs, written from the first revision of the original handbook, on rolls of yellow key-punch paper.  In the early 80s, I was writing machine code for my Commodore 64, controlling rasters, multiplexing…and the “alarm” sound effect I developed using the 64’s primitive audio system was used by my radio station for 20 years to alert listeners to school closing announcements in the winter…those were some days, boy!

The internet of course changed everything…today I’m an Apple man thru and thru…altho I do use a Windows PC occasionally, but only for off-line work 😉 😉  Most of the old-time computer ads I saved are thus of Commodore…like a skinny Bill Shatner hawking the Vic-20, June 1982…Well if it’s good enough for Capt. Kirk…

How about this snazzy add-on…imagine getting all worked up about 61+ additional K…thats .000000061 of a Terabyte…yummy!

But I did find this from 1984…allowing a 64 to “be” an Apple…a portent of things to come?

Anyway, RIP Steve Jobs…and job well done, brother.

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