DFHC 10/10/2011

Dear Cool Daddy:  At our last family get-together, a war (ha ha) erupted over how many actors appeared in both the movie and TV versions of M*A*S*H. Most thought it was just Gary Burghoff as Radar, but a few poor souls like me insisted there was at least one more, maybe Spearchucker?  …from Pup Pup, in Crabapple Cove, ME

Dear Pup Pup: Here’s a cute story that wasn’t in M*A*S*H  but could have been…One says: When was the last time you had sex? The other one says: 1945. The first one says: Really? And what time is it now, almost midnight? 

But as to your question, the correct answer is: 5 (five)honest to Syngman Rhee! But like anything else in this dear life, it’s a bit complicated…thus to be fair, we must divide those 5 into 2 groups.

Group A consists of those actors who played the same character in both. And that would be 2: Burghoff of course, and G. Wood (above)…born “George,” altho sometimes referred to as “Gene.” He played General Hammond in the movie, and in the first 3 episodes of the TV show, then never again.

Group B consists of 3 actors who were in both, but as different characters. And that would be Corey Fischer as Capt. Baldini in the movie, Capt. Phil Cardozo the guitar-strumming dentist (above, top right) in the 2nd season episode “Five O’Clock Charlie”…Timothy Brown as Cpl. Judson (bottom, left) in the movie, and Spearchucker in a handful of 1st season episodes (bottom,right…so you were on the right track!…altho Fred Williamson was Spearchucker in the movie)…and finally the most obscure of the lot, John Fujioka who appeared briefly as a Japanese golfer in the movie, and in 3 different roles on TV.

I could have tried to find a picture of him, but chose instead one of Jo Ann “Lt. Dish” Pflugg…yes, I’m weak and I know it…BTW, seen above with Ed O’Neill, who is said to have a brief uncredited role as an MP in the movie…watch for it! Well, gotta turn out for short-arm inspection…but before I go…

I hate to be a big shot, but what can you do?

Wicked Ballsy

Saw the movie for the first time thanx to my college…never a better 4 bits spent, sez me… 

s*h*a*m*e*l*e*s*s  pflugs…

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sorry…OK, John Fujioka…you know him, right?…

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