DFHC 10/11/2011

Random  Stuff  • from the • Biz  Bag…

At first I thought those were piercings on her ugly mug…OMG…upon closer inspection, I’m pretty confident they’re warts…false alarm!

But I guess you’d have to be pretty hard up to think that Dennis the Menace’s babysitter was sort of hot…well, so be it. But I checked her ID, and she is over 18…so don’t go calling 911, OK? And after all, Wilma vs. Betty, right? 😉 😉

Here we see the jungle print Third Plateau. The First was simply the return of the leopard-skin motif, so popular thru the 1960s, then deemed tacky for several decades. The Second was moving away from “natural” colors and into “fantasy” patterns of blues, greens, pinks, and like that. And now the Third…the shape of the “spot” or rosette as its technically called can now be something else, in this case cutesy little hearts. Go ahead, natural selection…try and breed that!

 BTW…some days, this is what I just don’t give a…

Wicked Ballsy

I haven’t decided yet if this buggy is super cool or just super weird…altho it does have a surprise for you in the back, nez pah? But imagine Chrysler going retro with a deal like this…hoo boy!

shameless PLUG, the miracle washday wonder…

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