DFHC 10/14/2011

••••••••  May 4-10, 1974  ••••••••

On October 17, 2005 the best magazine I ever read went out of existence….and that would be…TV GUIDE. 

Sure, from that day to this, there is still a magazine on the newsstands that calls itself that…but it’s a different magazine…because on that date, 3 things changed. (1) TVG went from digest-size, like Readers Digest, to Time/Newsweek-size…no more stashing it in a convenient nook or cranny of the coach for instant access. Altho on this score, to be fair, some thought TVG “jumped the shark” when it went from saddle-stitch (fancy name for staples!) to perfect-bound in 1981.

(2) Gone were the 140 regional market editions…now there were to be only 2, Eastern time zone & Western. And of course, also gone were the very readable sequential program listings…with all the descriptions, plots, actors, and even their character’s names. All that was left was a grid, telling you what time your show was on and precious little else. But as if these changes weren’t disheartening enough, there was one even more crushing…

(3) And that was that TVG went from essentially a news magazine about television…to a fluff rag of celebrity worship and inconsequential gossip. Because if you think back, TVG ran some very serious articles…touching on many social and political issues…and even their “fluff pieces” were long and informative. They had some excellent writers and critics, and you could in those days, with a straight face, quote an article from TVG…not today, boy. Tell you the truth, I’m surprised that phony TVG is still around…altho it has changed ownership several times in the past 6 years.

OK…enough of my soap box…it is what it is, and a lot of good stuff has been kicked to the curb since we Baby Boomers were young. Point is, in researching my “first miniseries” blogs the past 2 days, you’ll notice I used some TVG scans…yes, I’m a “collector”…how many do I have? Well…let’s just say I live in a relatively small house, and I don’t have them all…but I do have a lot… 😉 😉  Because if you love TV, this was one great magazine…it was a window on the way we lived…not just monthly or weekly…but daily, and even hour by hour. It’s not for nothing that historians say they’d give their right arm for one issue of TVG from, say, Shakespeare’s day. For the next couple of days…as I’ve done with other magazines in the past…I’ll share some choice excerpts…and today, it’s May 4-10, 1974.

Paul “Once Live and Lively, Now Taped and Timely” Benzaquin was a New England broadcasting fixture, first on radio, then on TV. And Sissy F., now there’s a blast from the past! Technically, she was the 3rd woman to be placed in nomination for VP, but the first done seriously. In the balloting, she came in second to Thomas Eagleton, but beat out Senators Mike Gravel of Alaska and Birch Bayh of Indiana…as well as a Georgia unknown named Jimmy Carter. BTW, she lost in Texas…

Well, no, apart from being about a giant animal on the warpath, as a movie Godzilla isn’t really a King Kong imitation. Still, it’s interesting that, unlike when the Japanese and American versions came out in the 1950s, they seem to think viewers would be aware of or at least interested in the fact that there is a difference…the Japanese film was re-edited and new scenes with Raymond Burr as reporter Steve Martin (!!) inserted so it would all make sense…basically, he’s narrating the thing, you see.

Sure, why spend thousands on a Nautilus system when a few feet of metal tubing and a plastic mat will do the trick!

Pretty sexist by today’s standards I guess, but that is a cute photo. Oh, right, they said glasses!!!  Altho I don’t recall Lesley Stahl showing off her legs quite as blatantly they do today on the all-news cable channels, if I ain’t being to blunt about it.

Still, then as now, legs sell…what can you say?

Ah, yes…remember World Team Tennis? That logo has to be the ugliest in the history of team sport, nez pah? You’ll eat it up? Actually, you’ll break off pieces, crack them open, and dig out the tender morsels of flesh…well, they had the right idea, I suppose…

Wicked Ballsy Quiz

This guy had a show on back then…here we see him young and old…care to identify?

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