DFHC 10/17/2011

Ask Cool Daddy Goes Boo!

Dear Cool Daddy:  Saw this in my Sunday paper…whatchoo think?  …from Bones, 1313B Mockingbird Lane

Dear Bones: Well, I suppose Play-Doh is non-toxic, so no harm done, right? With kids today, you think they’ll know the difference? Hey, this squooshy stuff tastes pretty good! Trade you for a Twix bar!!

Seriously tho…”Treat without the Sweet”…how dumb is that? It flies in the face of the basic concept of Hallowe’en, you know? Crayola tried this type of thing for a couple for years in the early 2000s, giving crayons away instead of candy, but it didn’t take…big surprise.

Then again, I suppose it beats the apples with pins in them we used to get back in the day…ha ha…

Wicked Ballsy

Speaking of crayons…from September, 1983…”4000 characters of internal memory”…snazzy!…who could ask for anything more?…from Chicklet City!…

shameless plug-O-lanterns…

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