DFHC 10/19/2011

A Toast to TOAST

Hey folks, what time is it? Yup, toasted bread, “with nothing on it,” you can’t beat it with a stick…and we tried…the stick loses every time. “Dry”…as they say…

Toast at work? You betcha…get outa my cubicle…

Flowers? Candy? Faggetaboutit!

In the UK, beans and toast is a proper breakfast…who needs burritos, right? Roger Daltry apparently agrees…

Wicked Ballsy

Remember these from the 1970s? Those open-face deals could get a little messy, tho. My brand, I can’t find a pic of…it was round, but closed over with dough on the top…Jeno’s maybe? Da best…

shameless plug….oooooh, toasty!

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