DFHC 10/21/2011

Ask Cool Daddy’s Green & Gold…& Blue…

Dear Cool Daddy: What was up with those weird ugly uniforms the Packers wore last week? Geez Louise!…from Louise, in Los Alamos NM

Dear Louise: A quick check with the cheese-head blog-O-verse seems to indicate your opinion is in the majority. They were meant as throwbacks…waaaaaybacks…to 1929-30-31, when the Pack were NFL champions…in those days, there was no playoff game…first place at the end of the season was it…you’re the champs. As you can see below, the numbers were a lot smaller originally…today, they had to be bigger to conform with NFL regs…the No Fun League of a 1000 Rules…and the helmets were that weird brown color to mimic the leather helmets they used to use, altho I think a lot of them were a lighter color.

Earl “Curly” Lambeau founded the team in 1919…money for the uniforms came from his employer, the Indian Packing Company, on condition the team be named after them…yup, “naming rights” way back then! They were called the Bays or the Indians as often as they were called the Packers. The next year, the company was bought by the Acme Packing Company, and in their first year in the NFL 1921…their blue jerseys said “Acme Packing” on the front in gold…yes, the colors were Notre Dame’s colors…can you guess where Curly went to school?…3 guesses, and the first 2 don’t count… 😉 😉 But “Blues” was also a common unofficial nickname, and they actually considered replacing Packers with Blues officially in the 1920s, but it didn’t happen, obviously.

Their unis evolved to what I call the “nun’s habit” motif (above, top), and this is what they used for the 1994 Throwback celebration of the League 75th season (above, bottom).  They’ve used them since, plus another older style, this time with green instead of blue. Near as I can tell, they took their blue/green color cues from the Fighting Irish, who were similarly schizochromic..

The green-and-gold we think of as existing forever came with the Lombardi era in 1959, below left…notice no hemet logo yet…plus their warmup “capes” were still navy blue. Below right is a fan fantasy of what a green-and-gold nun’s habit might look like. But there ya go…

But personally, I don’t think the latest Packer throwbacks are that bad…the Broncos underarm “sweat stain” are the worse, and copied by everybody…but then, all fashions die away, sweat stain’s just taking its sweet time.


I think most people agree that THE ABSOLUTE WORST were the Broncos’ zebra stripe clown socks they wore in 1960-61. Legend has it that when they were phased out, they held a ceremonial bonfire! And in ’94, they went with the retro “Orange Crush” look…altho to commemorate their and the AFL’s 50th season (49th anniversary) in 2009, they took the plunge, as you can see…yuck-a-puck!

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