DFHC 10/22/2011

Ask Cool Daddy the Headshrinker

Dear Cool Daddy: A while back you suggested that in the 1960s, with that decade long “Moon People” story line, Chester Gould, author of the Dick Tracy comic strip, was losing his marbles. Do you mean technically, clinically, medically, and certifiably? Or was it just a figure of speech, jah? …from Zigmoid, in Germantown WI

Dear Ziggy: Well, as far as I can determine, he was never thrown in the loony bin or anything like that. And to be fair about the thing, when we landed on the Moon for real in 1969, this crazy stuff was phased out of the strip and he righted himself fairly successfully…continuing in the down-to-Earth, but never-the-less grotesque style he’d made famous. There are people in this world that can be borderline fruit loops…or even cross the border…and still carry on a productive career. Not many, but it happens. The point is, whatever was going thru Gould’s head, it was all laid out for the world to see, 7 days a week,  in color on Sundays. We were the judges.

But it was more than just the Moon Mess…here’s a sequence of strips from the Summer of 1964, lampooning comic strip “artists.” Certainly Gould himself was a big target for satirists…look at Al Capp’s Fearless Fosdick. But this sequence seems a little unfocused…he has a point about the minimalist drawing style, where the joke is the whole point of the strip. But the whole thing seems off somehow, I dunno…maybe we could charitably say it wasn’t his A-game…what do you think? (BTW…I remember these…and I also remember taking it to heart: Anyone can draw!!!)

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