DFHC 10/24/2011

Ask Cool Daddy Times Infinity

Dear Cool Daddy: Have you ever heard of a thing with comic books called an “Infinity Cover”? If so, what is it? …from Bunny, in Warren, Ohio

Dear Bunny: It’s more than just comic books. In any sort of graphic art, the idea of “infinity” is that the work itself is part of its own design…hard to explain, better with an example…see?

The cover is itself on the cover…and on the cover that’s on the cover, there’s a smaller cover, in theory thru infinity, but in reality limited by the printing or imaging technique being used. This one was from 1942.

Here’s another Batman version, more recent, 1985.

…plus a Superman…and a couple of real oddball comics…

But as I mentioned, it can be in any medium…take this box of cereal from 1965…

The freeze-dried “fruit” fad didn’t last long…even Jimmy Durante couldn’t sell this turkey…available for only about a year…still, a very cool and demented cover…to infinity!

shameless plugs 2 ∞ & Byond…

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