DFHC 10/29/2011

Ask Candy Corn Daddy

Dear Cool Daddy: Every year at Hallowe’en time, we see the yellow-orange-white Candy Corn and brown-orange-white Indian Corn…but hasn’t there occasionally been brown-orange-yellow? Seems I never buy it, then it’s not around the next year. … from Rhiannon, Pumpkinville

Dear Rhiannon: I put together the above picture to illustrate your question. And if anyone wonders about why Candy Corn looks the way it does, below you see it compared to real dried kernels…see what going on?

The earliest trace I can find  of the chocolatey-bottomed Indian Corn is this Brach’s ad from 1960…see it making up the top of the owl’s head, above its eyes? Some think that the Indian began as a Thanksgiving variant, but no evidence of that has turned up as yet…

But yes, the Indian Corn colors, with a yellow top instead of white, has surfaced from time to time but never apparently caught on. The earliest I know of is 1978, when a company called Kitchen Delite did just that and called it “Harvest Corn.”  From around 1989-1993, Brock (different from Brach’s, altho they merged in 1994, thank goodness!) made their Indian Corn distinct from other brands with a yellow top. The last instance I know of is Sathers in 1997.

Of course, 1997 was also the year….

…the industry took its first halting steps towards the gourmet or “designer” candy corn so prevalent the past several years. The 2 versions above didn’t last long, but Brach’s Caramel Candy Corn has been well-received, to the point where this year Chocolate Caramel has joined Apple Caramel and regular Caramel.  “Milk Maid” BTW is Brach’s regular caramel candies, one of its earliest brands. I’ve seen fewer weirdos like the “blackberry cobbler” bottom right, so perhaps that fad has run its course.

But then, Candy Corn is now year round…with Reindeer Corn for Xmas,  Cupid Corn for Valentines, and Bunny Corn for Easter, 2 versions shown below. I believe they even tried a red-white-and-blue July 4th version, still looking for a picture…

More tomorrow!….in the meantime…shameless-plug-o-lanterns…

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