DFHC 11/1/2011

Ask Cool Daddy,
            Takes the Cream, Leaves the Milk

Dear Cool Daddy:  I enjoyed your report on Dum Dum pops yesterday…but you didn’t address my biggest question…why are there fruits pictured on the Cream Soda wrapper?  …from Pickles, in New Rochelle

Dear Pickles: Good question…somebody out in the blog-o-sphere actually took the trouble to ask this question of Customer Support at Spangler Candy…it must have been a slow day because they actually attempted an explanation, as follows…

“In checking with our technical services manager, he advises that due to the lack of any real fruit flavor to distinguish cream soda, a variety of fruits are used on the wrapper. However, as you know, those are not representative of the flavors that go into making Cream Soda Dum Dums.”

A pretty lame answer, no? After all, many of the other 15 flavors don’t have pictures of “fruit”…like Root Beer has a barrel…duh. Cream Soda is traditionally flavored with vanilla. It was nothing to do with the dairy product cream…the name “cream soda” comes from the fact that early on most ice cream was flavored vanilla, so it’s really “Ice Cream Soda.” The actual plant is an orchid, and the flavoring comes from the dried pods or fruits, so technically there is a “fruit” involved, altho not an attractive-looking one, as you can see…

But taking a cue from the Root Beer wrapper, they could put a drawing of a can of soda, or better yet, an old-fashioned bottle, right?  Maybe they could have a contest to re-design the Cream Soda Dum Dum wrapper…from what I read on the net, it’s one of the more popular flavors.

But anyhow, notice the color of the pop is a pale yellow…and the fruits pictured include pineapples and bananas…the other 2 might then logically be lemons and grapefruits, so maybe they’re basing this on the pale yellow color. That’s the best I can do…for now, it remains one of life’s little mysteries, nez pah?


The other day, after expressing my wish for a licorice-flavored Candy Corn, I figured I owed it to you gentle readers and dear friends to double-check to see if maybe they had done it…but all I found was a candle, of all things…supposedly providing the aromas of, top to bottom, licorice, candy apple, and candy corn. So not yet, but it’s gotta occur to someone eventually, right? Trouble is, licorice isn’t one of the most popular candy flavors…a lot of people don’t like the taste…well, more for me!

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