DFHC 11/2/2011

Ask Cool Howdy

Dear Cool Daddy: Rummaging thru some shoe-boxes full of old stuff,  I found this pin from the 1948 election, when Howdy Doody was running for “President of the Kids.” But I don’t seem to remember him looking so weird…what’s da story?  …Under-Chief Thunderthunk,  from Pioneer Village

Dear Chief: Yeah, that really is Howdy…before his plastic surgery…his wha– ? Below, rare photos of the original “ugly” Howdy Doody…center with “The Buff”…and right with his creator Frank Paris.

The complete story of they many faces of HD is HERE…. But here are the most pertinent parts…


No I didn’t do this…don’t have Photoshop, you see…nor would I have…just too strange, even for me…ha ha…hyuck hyuck hyuck…

 from the teepee of Princess Summerfall Shamelessplugs…

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