DFHC 11/3/2011

Ask Cool Daddy’s Garage

Dear Cool Daddy: Do you have any idea why the 2002-05 Ford Thunderbird retromobile looked more like a 1954 Chevrolet Corvette than a…well…you know…?   …from Blackie,  in Pontiac MI

Dear Blackie: In a word: No.

I do know that memory…especially visual memory…can be a funny thing. Yes, the last generation of the T-bird did strike me as more Chevrolet-esque and here are the pictures to confirm it. My theory is that ever since “they” got the 1st year of the new Millennium wrong…it was 2001, not 2000…the world has been dumbed-down to the point where any crazy damned thing is possible. Take the Mopar retro-car…since they no longer make the Plymouth, they felt it necessary to make it a Dodge Challenger…always the weak sister compared to the mighty Barracuda. I mean, they could have just called it “Barracuda”..no Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler, nothing…just “Barracuda”…but noooooooo…well, like they say: The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits.

But hey, do take a moment and try to guess what this bizarre concoction used to be…if you said a 1967 Lincoln Continental, you’re a better man…with a stronger stomach…than I, my friend…


Then again, not really any more dopey than a 4-door Corvette…no, not a “stretch limo” job, just room for 2 couples who want to imagine they’re really cool when they’re really not…I mean, d’oh!!!

shameless plugs go Beep Beep…

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