DFHC 11/8/2011

Ask Cool Daddy’s Xmas in Nov.

Dear Friends: Some might say that 2½ weeks before ThanXgiving is too late to get an early start on Xmas. But I got no problem with it, ho ho ho. Here’s some stuff to get your jingle juices flowing…

You know what? To me, THIS says “Christmas” like nothing else could…seriously…when ya gotta go, go with bells on…

Ha ha…”licensed” simply means a tie-in with some other brand name candy…like here Now and Later, can’t read the other 2, but they’ve done it with Jolly Rancher, Life-Savers, SweeTarts, practically everything. Altho there was the Xmas when my brother-in-law got busted for eating candy canes without a license, but that’s my wife’s side of the family for you…

This is a wonderful movie, I enjoy it every 37 times I see it, but what a lackluster “generic” name…”A Christmas Story”…EVERY Christmas story is a Christmas story…sheesh!  And as a result, it has acquired over the years a nickname that serves better to identify just what movie you’re talking about: “The Ralphie Movie.” …makes ¢¢¢¢¢ 2 me…

And here’s a special salute to those of you who hang onto Xmas fads long after they’ve died away…and  most hardly last more than a year or 2 anyway. But I know where you’re coming from: you bought into the “next big thing,” figuring it would be a cherished holiday tradition for centuries to come…then pffffffft!…nobody’s interested any more, and you feel like you’ve been snookered, in a jolly sort of way. I say:  Stand your ground, cousin! Black is Beautiful! And Upside-Down Rules!…try that with your stockings, too!


Ah, Santa’s Outer Space Helper…Gorch! Zeep! Izzamoomoo!

shameless plugs from the rockin’ stockin’…

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