DFHC 11/9/2011

Ask Dr. Cool Von Daddy

Dear Cool Daddy:  Did Marry Shelley make up  “Frankenstein,” or was it a real name?  …from Eegor, in Pacific Palisades, CA 

Dear Eegor: No, Marry Shelley, born Marry Wollstonecraft Godwin, certainly didn’t make the name up. There was a whole clan of them in the Germany,  the House of Franckenstein or Frankenstein. It’s thought more likely she heard of the name from Frankenstein Castle, on a hilltop near Darmstadt, in south central Germany, but nobody knows for sure. One interesting thing you learn if you actually read her book is that Victor Frankenstein was not German  but Swiss, having been born in Geneva…and the story takes place all over Europe, even including the remote Orkney Islands off the shores of Scotland.

Oddly enough, there is a tiny incorporated community in Osage county, Missouri called Frankenstein…it’s about 12 miles east of Jefferson City, population around 30, and is believed named after the man who donated land for a church there, Gottfried Franken.

But there are many Frankensteins in Germany and thru-out Europe today, and many more in the US….a “people search” of the whole country yielded too many to list, so I tried a few states…110 Frankensteins in New York, 10 in Massachusetts, 157 in California…so if there were a 1000 all together, it wouldn’t surprise me. One in particular caught my eye…because, ha ha, he’s a doctor…

Now it isn’t usually germane to a news story to include how the fellow pronounces his name, but in this case it seemed reasonable to do so, and I agree…Franken-STEEN, indeed…if you say so! But you know how it is: if you lived across the street from him all your life, his name wouldn’t seem that noteworthy to you….just to the rest of us…


OK, I’ve heard of TP-ing someone’s yard for a ‘Ween prank, but beyond that, the tie-in seems a little thin, wouldn’t you say? But why spoil the fun, sez me…

the horror of shameless plugensteins…

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