DFHC 11/11/11

Ask Cool Daddy’s Lost Chevys

Dear Friends…On November 3, 1911, race car driver Louis Chevrolet and ousted founder of General Motors William Durant formed the Chevrolet Motor Car Company.  It was an independent entity until purchased by General Motors in 1918. Today, some of the lesser known models from the 1950s and 60s…

Ever wonder why the 1955 Ford Thunderbird looked very much like a scaled down version of the full-size Fords? Probably because Chevy had done much the same thing in 1950 with the sporty Chevrolet Spree (above.)  Another seldom seem model was the ultra-rare 1957 Palomar (below), arguably the first true “muscle car,” altho the Rambler Rebel from the same year might disagree.

On the other hand, the idea of a full-sized 2-seat convertible never really caught on, despite the high-end flash of the Chevrolet Cabana, produced in very limited numbers from 1958 (below, top) thru 1963 (bottom).

The torch was passed to the 2-seat Corvair Cayuse, seen below in its 1965 version.

And who can forget the 1987 mini-Corvette, the SS Stinger…nicknamed the “Pocket Vette” and the “Vettette.”

BTW, all of the above are of course complete fantasies…fabricated by yours truly around 1990, by literally cutting and pasting, with scissors and glue, no computer help…April Fools in November!!!


 You Might Be A Baby Boomer If… all the cars today look like someone took a giant meat cleaver and lopped off the truck…in other words, this is what a 1965 Chevy might have looked like had it been made in 2012…geesh!…

shameless plugs, never-the-less absolutely on the level…

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