DFHC 11/14/2011

 Ask Cool Daddy Gets Padded

Dear Cool Daddy: Is it true the Tampa Rays, ex-Devil Rays, didn’t consider the traditional Tarpons nickname because it sounded like Tampons?  …from Helen, in Helena, ND

Dear Helen: Well, you know what they say about a story that’s “too good to check”! 😉 😉 But the evidence (without actually checking. like I said I wouldn’t) seems to be that that’s an urban myth. “Traditional” is true to some extent, altho not like the Baltimore Orioles, going back to 1882, or the Los Angeles Angels, first used in 1892. The “fish” teams, Miami Marlins and Tampa Tarpon, both date from the 1950s…the Marlins were in the International League from 1956-60, and the Florida State League 1962-70, and again 1982-88. The Tarpons played in the FSL from 1957-1988.

It has been reported that when the name change from Devil Rays to just Rays was made in 2008, Tarpons was considered. But they don’t exactly shy away from it…since for “turn back the clock” promotions Tampa has no real Major League history to draw on, they have on 3 occasions worn Tampa Tarpons tribute uniforms…and well as the New Orleans Pelicans, and this season the Tampa Smokers, in the Florida International League from 1946-54…altho being PC about it, they deleted the cigar…boooooo! (So what were the Smokers smokin’? Think about it, guys…)

But the Tarpon is not like a goldfish or guppy…its a big mean fish, completely worthy of nicknamehood. Perhaps the Florida Marlins becoming the Miami Marlins will give them an excuse…

And speaking of those 2, don’t forget the Rambler Marlin (below, bottom) was originally called the Tarpon (below, top)…it was a show-car based on the Rambler American, and could have beat the Mustang to the market, it which case they’d be Fish Cars instead of Pony Cars. What happened was, the AMC brain-trust wanted it to have a V8 engine, and since they didn’t have one small enough to fit, they moved it up to the Rambler Classic, which some car fans say essentially sunk the whole concept, but there you go…



But speaking of Smokers…back in the the early 70s in college, the 3rd floor of our dorm had a long-standing quasi-fraternity called the Bombers. We on the fifth floor were hot to copy the concept, so we became the Smokers. Smokin’ what exactly? As I recall, the agreed upon story for inquisitive parents was that we were Smokin’ Hot!…ha ha…. Still got the jersey, and would wear if it it wasn’t 2 sizes too small… ;(  ;(  ;(

shameless plugs…something’s fishy…

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