DFHC 11/15/2011

Ask Cool Daddy,
                        Medium-Sized Kahuna

Dear Cool Daddy: I found this newspaper clipping in a shoebox of old stuff from the old days…never knew what the heck kind of thing this was…a convertible woody? Any ideas?  …from Nicky in Haverhill MA

Dear Nicky: Funny they wouldn’t identify the car in the caption…but it certainly looks like some sort of Chevy Camaro, nez pah? So I pondered the possibility of a beach blanket bikini bingo show-car, and suddenly it popped into my head: Waikiki!  A quick check of the web confirmed it…the 1967 Camaro Waikiki…notice the rectangular head-lights, not legal in the US until 1974. The idea of wood (well, now “fake” wood) on anything besides a high-end station wagon hadn’t been tried since the late 1940s, with Chrysler’s original Town and Country’s…a few others, including Chevy, Ford, and Nash tried it, but in those days it was real wood of course, and a real maintenance headache.

The Bowtie Boys never followed thru with the idea, but interestingly enough, Mercury did. Early in 1968, convertibles and “Brougham” hardtops came with the “yacht paneling” motif…

This excerpt from a brochure for sale on eBay…they only showed this page…suggests the promotional approach: Not just for Station Wagons any more!

It was a short-lived option, probably nothing more than a fancy “Spring Special” type deal, but they sure were good-looking vehicles, especially the fatback hardtop…sweeeeeeeeet!


On the subject of Chevrolet’s 100th Anniversary, here’s a cool “nothing new under the sun” moment…these “Coupe Pickups” were offered as commercial vehicles from the mid-1930s thru the early 1940s…they didn’t reappear after the war. But the pickup-bed was removable, and a truck lid could be attached, for weekend motoring.

28 years later, a Camaro pickup? BTW, this 1968 Caribe should not be confused with the 1965 Chevy Caribe, a full-size show-car, forerunner of the 1966 Caprice. (Yes, there was a Caprice in 1965, but it was an ultra-swanky trim package for the Impala, not model line in its own right, as it became in 1966.)

shameless plugs are real fine, my 4-0-9….save your nickels, save your dimes…

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