DFHC 11/21/2011

Ask Cool Daddy Sets One Free

Dear Friends: It’s been used since ancient times…the Romans called it Digitus Impudicus. I’m all for being civll and patient with people…in fact, I can’t remember the last timeI flipped a birdie. But sometimes, when they’ve really and truly earned it, you’ve got to let one fly, if only for your own peace of mind. These are from a feature in Penthouse magazine titled “The Birds of North America…the Simple Pleasures of Digital [!!!] Watching.” I didn’t scribble a date on it, but they say “Baretta” is sagging in the ratings, so that’d put it around 1977-78…

From the 1930s, NYC Mayor Fiorello La Guardia hates to be blunt, but oh, you kid! But seriously, Illie Nastase, tell us how you really feel?

Clockwise…Nelson Rockefeller was Vice President when he engaged in some heart-felt dialog with a gaggle of hecklers…Jack Lemmon shouts it from the rooftop in the film “The April Fools”…Bernie Parent, need we say more…and Robert Blake, ditto…but notice his innovative method of stopping smoking…he would walk around sucking on an unlit cigarette until it fell apart, then start on another one…but never lit up…

The crew of the U.S.S. Pueblo…would you call this one “Found in Translation”? I wonder what happened to the Korean censor who passed on this photo? Probably best not to think about it…

Wicked Ballsy

Some days you just feel so miserable, and you can’t seem to shake it…

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