DFHC 11/22/2011

Ask Cool Daddy is  OUT  THERE

Dear Cool Daddy: I seem to remember a comic strip from the 1960s that featured weird sight-gags, often with a sci-fi theme…called “Far Out” or something like that…ever heard of it?   …from Baron Von Nietsneknarf,  in Transylapolis.

Dear Baron: You betcha I do…and thanks to that wonderful pop-culture encyclopedia that is the Internet, nothing is too minor or random not to be added to the chronicle of the coolest decade in history. The strip ran from 1965 to 1970, and it was called “Way Out,” so you were in the ballpark. Its creator, Ken Muse, was one of those lovable nudniks who never wanted to do anything but be a cartoonist. After serving in WWII, he was a staple on local Detroit TV, as a sketch artist on kiddie shows.

Meanwhile in New Orleans, DJ Sid Noel was knockin’ ’em dead hosting the monster movie “House of Shock” as Dr. Morgus…inspiring a hit record (heard here in a recent recreation) and a slap-dash motion picture of sorts. He took his shtick to Detroit in the early 1960s, where the idea was hatched to include a Morgus comic strip in each week’s local edition of TV Guide. The strip was credited to Noel, but actually drawn by Ken Muse, his first effort, and it lead to national syndication with his weird, sometimes downright unfathomable, “Way Out.” He died in June of 2010, after a long career in cartooning, photography, videography, and teaching, at age 75.

Wicked Ballsy

Speaking of monster comic strips, the current “Eek!” by Scott Nickel carries on in a slightly more rational, but none-the-less jugular vein…

from the secret notesbooks of baron shameless von plugenstein…

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