DFHC 11/24 & 11/25/2011

Ask Cool Daddy Gets Wipped 

Dear Cool Daddy: OK Mr. Productmeister, what can you tell us about the history and varieties of Reddi-wip? … from Frosty in Las Alamos, NM

Dear Frosty: I can tell you some…like for instance, this product has remained rather conservative over the years, in terms of “trade dress” and “line extension,” which makes it easier to get a fuller picture. Today it sells as much as every other aerosol whipped cream, diary and non-dairy, combined…and that includes the leading non-dairy variety, Cool Whip, introduced in 1967. By the way, the official spelling is “Reddi-wip,” with a hyphen and small W, despite the fact that the logo on the can omits the hyphen. There’s probably some real keen reasoning behind that, but it escapes me, sorry.

Aaron “Bunny” Lapin invented a non-dairy whipped cream called Sta-Whip during the WWII rationing years, made solely of vegetable oil. After restrictions were eased, he came up with a real cream version he called Reddi-Wip in St. Louis in 1948…at first it was available only from milkmen, but as the ad (above) from LIFE magazine shows, it was also in grocery stores by September, 1949. By 1954, it had achieved nationwide distribution, circa this ad (left).

And the trade dress introduced in 1958 (above, left) was still going strong in the 1983, when Amaretto and Chocolate joined the line-up. Actually, some accounts claim the lactose-free variety, originally called 99% Lactose Free, came out in the 1970s, making it technically the first line extension, but I cannot confirm that. It was eventually renamed Non-Dairy [!!!] Other varieties included Deluxe in 1988 (renamed Extra Creamy by 1999) and Lite in 1996 (some claim it was renamed Fat Free, but as you can see in the 2002 collection below, BOTH existed at the same time.)

Also, around 1992, Amaretto and Chocolate were joined by Strawberry  in sort of a sub-series called Flavors…but only Chocolate sold well enough to continue, and when it rejoined the regular line, it was of course touted as “NEW!”

It appears that the current streamlined “crew” of Original, Extra Creamy, Fat Free, and Chocolate has remained unchanged since around 2007…and that’s what I mean by conservative marketing..determining  your strengths and sticking with them.

shameless plugs…it’s whipped in the can!…

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