DFHC 11/28/2011

Dear Friends: Starting this week, Deep Fried Hoodsie Cups will be twice-weekly instead of daily…”Ask Cool Daddy” on Wednesdays…and “Genealogy 4 Baby Boomers” on Saturdays.

I started this blog in September of 2010…and now, over 400 posts later, daily hits have increased some 30-fold, and I am flattered and grateful. Still, now that I’m working again after an 18-month “vacation”…and have tried to keep up the daily routine for a month now…I find it’s just too much. I’ve haven’t run out of things to talk about…feel like I’ve just scratching the surface, really. But there are sadly only so many hours in the day.

If you still need a daily “fix”…my gosh…when I look back over 400 past blogs, I am truly astonished at the variety of trivial and extra-trivial topics touched upon…try 2/16/2011 as a typical example. And my original blog, Stolf’s Blog/Daily Dozen, will continue unchanged…#477 tomorrow…wow!…that’s shifting a lot of sand!

But then again, not once has anyone clicked the donate button and tossed a coin in my hat. So despite the hits, I guess interest just isn’t that great. Truth is, we’re all just  grains in the vast internet desert.  See you Wednesday!!!

shameless plugs…go there…be happy…

Podcasts at http://stolfpod.podbean.com  and   http://thewholething.podbean.com

Deep Fried Hoods Cups Blog:    https://deepfriedhoodsiecups.wordpress.com/

Daily Blog at http://stolf.wordpress.com  (the legendary Stolf’s Blog)

More bloggage at  http://travelingcyst.blogspot.com  and  http://www.examiner.com/retro-pop-culture-in-watertown/mark-john-astolfi

Updated Resume at http://travelingcyst.blogspot.com/p/resume.html

Audio samples at  http://stolfspots.podbean.com

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