G4BB 52: Eek! The Ewings!

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»»»»»»   Eek! The Ewings!   ««««««

52.1  In case any of you Dallas fans missed the memo, there will be a new 10-episode series on TNT this summer. Their “official website” doesn’t give a specific date, so I assume it hasn’t been decided yet. The internet buzz says “June,” but maybe that’s only because that’s the earliest summer can come… 😉 😉 At any event, it won’t be a “re-imaging” like that ludicrous Hawaii 5-0…but a continuation of the original story lines.

52.2  The basic plot will be a power (no pun intended) struggle between J.R.’s son John Ross and Bobby’s adopted son Christopher over Ewing oil and the future of energy in general…so who’s green? Watch and find out. But Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, and Patrick Duffy all reprise their roles, and it’s said they have lots to do…not just eye candy to draw in viewers. Other old-timers are promised, but what’s more significant, the producers say they are going to stay true to all the established history of the story…well, maybe except for the “dream season”…lol…and with that in mind, a Dallas family tree seemed in order.

52.3  Now as is typical of the soap opera genre, there were many marriages and re-marriages…and quite a few more liaisons, to use to old-fashioned term. I decided to focus primarily on those that resulted in offspring, since those characters would be the right age to have connections to this next generation.

52.4  Chart 180 is the basic tree…since it’s large, I am also including it below, before the plugs, in a vertical format…if you care to print it out, you could make it bigger without the quality degenerating as much. And since the show also followed the “family feud” soap tradition, I did a separate Chart 181 for the Barnes clan…there was simply no way to fit it on the main chart. Blue/pink outlines for boys/girls, except those who are dead are in a black. Black lines of descent indicate the parents were married…red, not married…green, adoption.

52.5  And altho Dr. Harlan Danvers was only the Ewing family doctor…I had to include him somewhere, since my hometown is also a Danvers. BTW, teal arrows on Chart 181 indicate folks who are also on Chart 180…

52.6  These charts are only the beginning, really…the problem is this: to do it right, you would need to watch all 14 seasons and 357 episodes, plus the prequel and the 2 sequel movies. Time and money prevent this, alas. (And now that I think about it, all of Knots Landing as well…whew!)  Trouble is, what I can find on the internet for the most part concerns characters that actually appeared on the show…I am sure there are many more relations who were mentioned or referenced…and perhaps some inconsistently, as will happen when a show has this long a run. For example, the identity of Miss Ellie’s parents and brother is known, altho they never appeared. It is curious that Jock’s parents…J.R. and Bobby’s Ewing grandparents after all…have not yet turned up, at least I don’t have them.

52.7  Others on the charts that as far as I know were never seen include: Cliff’s siblings who died in infancy, Tyler and Catherine…Uncle Jason Ewing’s wife Nancy…Cliff’s 1st cousin Jimmy Monahan…and Val’s father Jeremiah Clements.

52.8  I am making no effort to chronicle all the childless “hook-ups”…I’m sure somebody has somewhere…but I will mention other marriages. Bobby married Michelle Stevens’ sister April, who is now dead. Ray Krebbs married Jenna Wade, and adopted her son, Lucas Wade Krebbs. Ewing black sheep Gary married Abigail “Abby” Fairgate Cunningham, daughter of neighbors Sid and Karen Fairgate. Donna Culver Krebbs was formerly married to Governor Sam Culver, who is dead, as is his son David. Cliff Barnes was briefly married to Liz Adams. Val Clements Ewing married Ben Gibson…there was a story line about the twins Bobby and Betsy being his, but they are in fact Gary’s…as well as Danny Waleska. And I’m sure there are others I missed, but that’ll get you started.

52.9  So to sum up, since it’s obviously integral to the whole premise of the new series, Jock and Miss Ellie’s grandchildren, besides John Ross, Lucy, Bobby and Betsy, are Margaret Krebbs, James Richard Beaumont, Terrance Harper, Molly Whitaker, and Lucas Wade Krebbs…plus great grandson Jimmy Beaumont. And it will certainly be interesting to see if they remember that Sue Ellen is Christopher Ewing’s biological aunt!

52.10  A couple of other notes…here at G4BB, the term I use for the “i-word” is interbreeding…for individuals whose parents are related to each other. I do this in deference to those with a sensitive nature…but it doesn’t quite sound right when used to describe a relationship where no offspring has resulted. Thing is, there is a narrative element called “accidental i-word“…the classic case of course being Œdipus marrying his mother, and getting extremely upset when he found out that’s what he’d gone and done. Other examples include Star Wars’ Luke and Leia being potential sweethearts until, in his second most dastardly act of faithless storytelling, Gary Lucas decided they were twins…and Marty McFly’s mother falling for him in Back to the Future.

52.11  What’s all this got to do with Dallas? Well, Southfork foreman Ray Krebbs kanoodling with Lucy Ewing, remember? In fact, in the pilot episode, that’s how Pam gets out of a tight jam, by threatening to counter-blackmail Ray with that information…leading to J. R.’s famous line: “I underestimated the new Mrs. Ewing…welllll, I surely won’t do THAT again!”  Of course, it was later revealed that Ray was Jock’s son, and Gary’s half-brother, hence Lucy’s half-Uncle…ooops! But that plot development was so delicious, the writers couldn’t resist, and the early affair was never, but never, mentioned again. Maybe that was just a dream too… 😉 😉

52.12  I also ought to explain several other Ewings you might see mentioned…in the final 2-part episode “Conundrum,” the demonic Adam takes J. R. on a tour of what life would have been like without him. Among other things, Bobby is separated from his wife Annie and has 3 children: John Ross Jr, Ellie, and Bobby Jr. And the “new” 3rd son of Jock and Miss Ellie is Jason Ewing, who’s married to Bootsie. Kind of like the Bizarro World of Dallas, nez pah?

52.13  And finally…not that this is a pre-spoiler or anything…but it should be pointed out that we technically don’t know if Pam is still alive…or at least was when the series ended. She supposedly had a fatal illness, but who can say? Next week, the stuffed-to-overflowing mailbag…bursts! Till then, be good…

Wicked Ballsy

I had this on the blog last week, but I’ll repeat it here for those who missed it…the original cast lineup for the show…interesting, to say the least. Mary Frann landed on King’s Crossing, then Newhart…she died in 1998. Robert Foxworth settled for Falconcrest…


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