DFHC Easter 2012…Son of PEEPSapalooza!

Son of PEEPSapalooza!

item 1 >>>  Dear Peeps People: Last year at this time I presented a history of Peeps and their many colors…you can find it here: PEEPSapalooza. At that time, I had hoped by this time to have more of the story…and  I do, altho we’re not all the way to PEEPStopia just yet. But to start with, here’s a review of the rainbow of Peeps hues…

item 2 >>>  Pretty in PEEPS…The Just Born Company considers their color assortment to consist of 6: blue, green, lavender ( = purple), orange, pink, and yellow. These are “regular” PEEPS…”dipped” PEEPS have a coating of milk or dark chocolate on the base, are flavored “chocolate mousse,” and are colored brown, giving you 7 total colors if you want to include them. As you can see, there are 2 PEEPS colors no longer made: red PEEPS were available only at Target stores, from 2006-2009, give or take. And as I mentioned last year, the last clipping I have advertising white PEEPS, one of the original colors dating back to the 1950s, is 2001…internet evidence suggests they were last made in 2007 or 2008…perhaps by next Easter we’ll have it pinned down!

item 3 >>>  Sorry, No Chocolates For You…I have never bought the chocolate-covered PEEPS, and wouldn’t have counted them as an official PEEPS color. Good thing too, because it turns out they really aren’t PEEPS after all! In the top row below, you see what any reasonable person would consider chocolate-covered PEEPS…but these are not made by Just Born…they are an “after-market” product from a company called Fantasy Candies. Can you buy a food product, modify it, and sell it as your own? Apparently so, cuz they’re doing it. But in the bottom row, you see that Just Born’s chocolate-covereds aren’t PEEPS at all…they are 2-dimensional if you will, they lay flat, and you can see that clearly as one is split open on the right.

item 4 >>>  What Can Brown do for PEEPS?… Now in the spectrum of PEEPS colors above, I showed what was in the stores this year for Easter. Last Christmas they had another brown dipped PEEPS variety, this time caramel flavored. Short of actually seeing them sitting in front of me, I wouldn’t care to guess whether they are the same shade of brown as the Easter chocolate mousse browns. The illustration on the Christmas package seems to imply they are lighter, and notice that between the Christmas and the Easter packages, the blue and yellow logos appear identically colored, so who knows?

item 5 >>>  How Red Were My PEEPS…Similarly, this past Valentines Day, strawberry creme flavored dipped PEEPS were in all the stores…whether the same color as the discontinued Target PEEPS, I cannot say.

item 6 >>> And finally…As to the “Original Marshmallow Chicks,” the Chickies made by the Tell Chocolate Corporation of Brooklyn…the kind I remember as a kid. Since last year, several websites have popped up extolling the virtues of this other brand, last made, as far as I can tell, in 2004. Most posters seem to agree that Chickies were much better, and PEEPS considered an inferior knock-off. One lady was even able to contact the family-run Tell company in 2009, and received the following reply…

At any event, here’s an article that ran in the New York Daily News, April 21, 2000…..sadly, no pictures…but squirrels?…

Wicked Ballsy

You always have options…in this case “Spring Marshmallow Birds” by a candy company called the Have It Sweet…all 6 colors plus white.


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