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G4BB 73: …thru the Mail Slot…

…thru the Mail Slot… Dear G4BB: I was helping my daughter with her homework on fractions and we were applying it to kinship. She noticed something that I couldn’t explain: half-siblings, with a CR of 1/4, are twice as closely … Continue reading

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G4BB 72: Stepping Out

Stepping Out 72.1  Back in G4BB 65  I critiqued (eviscerated?) Wikipedia’s article on “Cousins.” You might wonder, any response? Not from them…Wikipedians are in a world of their own, and don’t much care what anyone else thinks…like I said, it resembles … Continue reading

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G4BB 71: Doubling Down

Doubling Down 71.1  Today we’ll continue examining double cousins. Unless they have an instance of it in their own family, people are generally unfamiliar with the idea that 2 individuals can be simultaneously related to each other in more than … Continue reading

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G4BB 70: Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks 70.1  One of the coolest things about blogging is how easy it is to correct mistakes. With a newspaper, the best you can do is issue a correction the next day, and hope somebody will see it. With … Continue reading

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