I’ll Tell Ya for $5 !!!!

Dear friends: Here’s the ad I put up on eBay classified today…

How are you and your grandmother’s cousin’s granddaughter related? If you have a PayPal account, I’ll tell you for $5. Yup, 5 bucks to finally know for sure…or confirm what you always thought. What’s $5…a bag of chips or a pack of smokes…almost a gallon of gas! Can you trust my answer? Do I know what I’m talking about? See for yourself…google G4BB (stands for Genealogy for Baby Boomers) and check out over 90 fun-filled posts. Here’s a sample of what you get…a color chart and a complete explanation emailed to you. And I’ll answer follow-up questions for free if there’s something you don’t understand. Send your question to stolfwx@hotmail.com, which is also my PayPal address.

Yup…this means YOU…$5 and I’ll sort it out for you…of course, you might find your answer somewhere here in my 90+ G4BB postings, but then sometimes even I can’t find something I’m looking for 😉 😉  So loosen those purse-strings and then at the next family reunion, you can prove them all wrong…ha ha!!


Copyright © 2012 Mark John Astolfi, All Rights Reserved

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