DFHC 503: pEEps prEEview

pEEps prEEview

Next weekend I’ll post my 3rd annual PEEPSapalooza special…my how time does fly. This prEEview will lend something of a historical perspective…

For Easter 2013, the Just Born Candy Company is celebrating what they’re calling the 60th Anniversary of Peeps. That’s not quite right…they’re actually celebrating the Sexagenary [real word] of their acquiring the company that originally made Peeps. Thus, those little marshmallow delights have obviously existed longer that 60 years…one source says since the 1920s, but I haven’t been able to confirm that.

It all goes back to 1910 when Sam Born emigrated from Russia and settled in Brooklyn. By 1923, he had opened a shop where he made and sold candy…but not Peeps. That date comes from the Just Born website, and it jibes with what they did in 1998, which was to introduce new lavender Peeps in honor of the company’s “75th Anniversary.” At the time, it was the “4th color,” joining the original white, yellow, and pink. In 1932, the company moved to Bethlehem, PA, where it is today.

from them

And in 1953, Just Born bought out the Rodda Candy Company of Lancaster, PA…founded by Roscoe E. Rodda in Cincinnati in 1891. Rodda was most famous for jelly beans, but also made marshmallow chicks…laboriously, it is said, by hand. Just Born removed the wings and mechanized the process. Above are the only 2 images of “old-style” Peeps on the official Just Born website….below are some more…


But here’s the important thing: Just Born continued to market Peeps under the Rodda brand, as seen above. BTW, those colored things in middle of the big picture to the left are supposed to be Easter eggs, altho they look more like Easter potatoes…or perhaps Easter veal cutlets. And this continued until as recently as 1978…below is a page from a candy jobber’s catalog.


At some point I hope to nail down exactly when Just Born switched the brand name…they’re officially mum on the subject, figuring, I suppose, who really would care? Ahem…


But here’s something cool…if you’d prefer to eat candy chicks that actually look like real chicks…you sicko you…you’ll find them at a website called Etsy, that markets a gazillion different home-made craft items. And after all, the current slogan is: “A great candy isn’t made…it’s Just Born ®” …next week, the PEEPSapalooza Rainbo-Revu…


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