DFHC 505: PEEPSapalooza! III

PEEPSapalooza! III

…and in case you’re interested, the original was in 2011, “son of” in 2012…click on the year. But before we review the current status of the color spectrum in the PEEPSosphere, I believe I have solved one of my major Peeps mysteries.

I always say: I can read the paper without my glasses, but not without a pair of scissors. I have tons of clippings from newspapers and magazines…dating back to when I was a kid in the 1950s. Thus, back in the original PEEPSapalooza, I mentioned the danger of relying on the specific colors you see in print ads…and I referred to these illustrations of the lavender Peeps, as introduced in 1995, compared with how they looked in 2006.


At the time, I chalked it up to the vagaries of printing ink…so imagine my surprise a couple weeks ago when I was pushing my cart along in the local supermarket and happened to pass by a PEEPS display…some, but not all, of the lavenders looked very familiar! I bought one box of each…

2 2013

And below is a scan of the actual candies, from the front and from the bottom…as you can see, they are both lavender on the bottom…and the light blue variety has small splotches of lavender on the top and sides. What accounts for this odd color? At first I thought the light blues might be “shedding” the sugary lavender coating, but that’s not what’s happening because…(1) While both varieties have some loose sugary residue in the bottom of the package, and in both cases that residue is lavender colored, the amount  in both is the same…and there is hardly enough to have originally covered an entire light blue PEEP. And…(2) Scraping a lavender PEEP does not reveal light blue underneath…just the white marshmallow.


My guess is the bottoms are the clue: they are not exposed to light, so that the lavender on the bottom side doesn’t fade to light blue. Make sense? BTW, I’ve named this phantom color “periwinkle”…how could I not?…and while it isn’t an “official” PEEPS color, it is definitely is a PEEPS color…you can buy it in stores if you hunt for it.


At any rate…here is the current PEEPS rainbow, available again for Easter 2013…yellow, pink, green, orange, lavender, and blue…those last 2 are sometimes described in ads as “purple” and “teal”…but that ain’t what Just Born calls ’em, capeesh? Below the Big 6 are the 2 discontinued colors….the original white, last sighted by me in 2001…and the red that was available only in Target stores, from around 2006-2009.

5basic 8

Those are “plain” PEEPS…there is also the “dipped” variety, below…these images were taken from the current Just Born website…those 3 whose description I’ve boxed were new in 2012. As far as I can tell, there are no discontinued varieties of the dipped…apparently all have proved to be popular enough to keep making. Whether you count these as “official” PEEPS colors is your call, obviously…my opinion is: sort of.


But wait…there’s more…just recently I discovered a brand new PEEPS variety…Party Cake PEEPS. The color appears to be different from the official blue…maybe it really is teal now…but without having actual specimens in front of me, who can say for sure? They would seem to be Just Born’s first attempt at a year-round variety of PEEPS, tied to birthdays, not a specific holiday. And if you look carefully, it says “Party Cake flavored”…so what flavor is a cake, exactly? Yes, I know, M&Ms this year has a carrot cake variety but that’s carrot…and M&Ms have gone off the deep end, if you ask me. Thinking back to Bill Cosby’s “Chocolate Cake for Breakfast” routine, these Party Cake PEEPS would be flavored…wheat?


Then last Hallowe’en, they tried something new…miniature “snack sized” PEEPS, individuality wrapped for Trick-or-Treating…in orange, green, and a purple that really is purple, not lavender. Why not black? Once upon a time they did make black cats for Hallowe’en…their cats today are Chocolate Mouse brown. And that’s the up-to-date spectrum for now…what will the remainder of 2013 bring?


Below, I leave you with a PEEPS POURRI…no, no, not purée. Clockwise from top left, crocheted PEEPS…I hope my sister Suzie is seeing this! Next, along the same lines, wool felt PEEPS. Then after-market dipped, more generous with the chocolate, including white…and finally, from last year, egg and chick shaped sidewalk chalk from Crayola…presumably non-toxic…so you could eat them…I’m just sayin’. The first 3 are available at a crafts site called Etsy…and happy Easter, my friends!



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